Lyn Radford

Fruit Loop Challenge

Did you know 57,000 people rely on Foodbank for food every single day?

In orchards where the apples sway, A challenge awaits on the first of March, they say. To Montague's grove, I'll venture with glee, Picking 50,000 apples, won't you join me?

For Foodbank Victoria, a noble cause, To feed 57,000, and give them a pause. But I can't do it alone, I need your aid, Help me gather apples, let's make a fruit parade!

Donate to my page, be a part of the fun, Help Foodbank's mission, it's a race to be won. Your support means a lot, in apples and cheer, Let's feed hungry Aussies, let's make it clear!

So open your hearts, and wallets, if you please, For every apple picked, a hungry tummy appeased. With your generous help, we'll make quite a batch, Turning apples into meals, let's make an impact!

To help Foodbank continue to close ‘the loop’ from farm gate to family plate, we also need your support. So please jump on board and donate whatever you can and help us reach our target. Every $1 donated is TWO meals created - helping fill empty bellies across Victoria.

Thank you.

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Supply Intelligence Pty Ltd

Great work Lyn! what a fabulous cause!


Jodie Perry

Congratulations Team. An amazing effort for such a worthy cause!!!!


Khalid Katikang



Hey Lyn, hope you raise all the apples needed to make this happen 👍


Agile Management Office - Fatimah Abbouchi

Well done on continuing the good work you have been doing for such a good cause.


Luke Iemma

An apple a day…


Priyanka Solanki


Jodie Mangan

Well done, team. Where a little goes a long way.


Ali Grierson

Proud to be a McCainer


Jenny Yates